Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups

There are currently five Special Interest Groups (SIGs) being organised by IAPM members. Each SIG has a convener, who organises meetings for the group and act as a liaison between the SIG and the Executive Committee. A report on the activities of the SIG is given each year at the AGM. Information about a SIG can be obtained by contacting the convenor or watching for notices of meetings on the IAPM newsgroup. Members interested in contributing to a SIG can contact the convenor.

  1. Radiation protection
  2. Non-ionising radiation
  3. Radiotherapy
  4. Magnetic resonance imaging
  5. Ionising imaging

1. Radiation Protection

The Radiation Protection Special Interest Group (RP SIG) is a forum to discuss matters pertaining to both routine and unusual radiation protection issues that arise in medical healthcare. It is also an opportunity to keep medical physicists informed of the work of other agencies who, from time to time, examine issues relating to radiation protection legislation and guidelines. The SIG meets approximately six times a year and is open to all members of the IAPM.

SIG Convenor: Mr. Mike Rowan, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin.

2. Non Ionising Radiation

The Non Ionising Radiation Special Interest Group (NIR SIG) has a broad remit, covering ultrasound (both diagnostic and therapeutic applications) and non-ionising radiations such as lasers and ultraviolet radiation. We aim to share our knowledge and experience of quality assurance and safety issues in the ultrasound and non-ionising radiation fields.

SIG Convenor: Mr. Eamon Loughman, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin.

3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Special Interest Group (MRI SIG) is a group of interested physicists gathering to discuss matters pertaining to MR scanning in a hospital setting. The purpose of the SIG is to both gather and disseminate MRI knowledge, including guidelines and legislation. Membership of the SIG is open to all members of the IAPM.

SIG Convenor: Ms. Deborah Jacob, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.

4. Radiotherapy

The Radiotherapy Special Interest Group (RT SIG) is a forum to discuss matters pertaining to radiotherapy physics. The RT SIG objectives are to promote continuous professional development, education and training and be a forum for radiotherapy information transfer. This will be achieved through collaborative research and projects, workshops and sharing experiences and information to benefit the group and educate each other. We hope to meet every four months and stay in contact in between as necessary.

SIG Convenor: Mr. Adam Agnew, Mater Private, Dublin.

5. Ionising Imaging

The Ionising Imaging Special Interest Group (II SIG) is a forum to meet and discuss issues related to ionising imaging modalities. The SIG organises workshops for members to learn and discuss practical issues such as QA techniques. Two or three workshops are organised each year and are decided upon by the membership.

SIG Convenor: Dr. Niall Colgan, University Hospital Galway, Newcastle Road, Galway.